Artwork for a collective art exhibition;

Berlin 2015

My first six months in Berlin. My first impressions of this unique city are all jumbled together in a strange mix of intimacy, grotesque surprises, and the breeziness of all its unusually ordinary aspects. Everything is silent and still, and no one is worried about anything. The sky above is flat grey, but the city below is full of color. It feels as if you’re at some grandmother’s kitchen, after lunch; it stinks a little but it’s cozy and heartwarming. Bars and cafes are filled with comfortable second – or even third – hand sofas, Club Mates all day long, greasy and delicious curry-wurst on every corner, a self-assured 60-years-old punk man wearing a plushy, long-eared hat, somewhere in Neukölln, cute axolotls at a bar in Friedelstraße, and some unexpected random acts of kindness from strangers. These were all the things I observed and was fascinated by during my first few months in Berlin.